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Three Ways to Keep in Touch!

It’s mid-year, and the living is simple. That is likely perhaps the deadliest explanation I hear numerous business people making nowadays!

At the point when you are good to go, ‘it won’t ever stop. Indeed, maybe YOU really want to take somewhat of a break – yet business continues. A large portion of us are not in the ‘decisive’ business, so there are a lot of ways of keeping the wheels turning despite the fact that you might be holiday someplace with family or potential companions.

A couple of years prior, in the long stretch of July, I was informed that ‘everybody goes to the house’ and that ‘there is no business to be done in July.’ I had recently moved to this new city and was bending over backward to re-dispatch my business and bring in some cash. I was crushed to be hearing this assertion continually – yet I didn’t become tied up with that ‘truth.’ Indeed, I increased my promoting endeavors and expanded my income by 1,000% that July!! (I, without a doubt, love recounting this story! It gives large numbers of your trust, I know.)

However, listen to this – indeed, enjoy some time off and once again charge. Be that as it may, not to the detriment of your business. The wheels should continue to turn.

There are a lot of ways of getting this going. The following are a couple of ways I will do this as I head out to my own get-away to the shore of Newfoundland.


I ultimately have faith in being reliable with regard to associating with your local area. At the point when I am away, I pre-compose my articles that go out every Thursday (and we haven’t overlooked anything in 6 years!). It’s not difficult to do – there are bunches of great substance and thoughts drifting around in the media – snatch a vital story and compose your perspective. Simple.

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Now and then, it is enjoyable to stir it up a bit. Change is something to be thankful for – and it’s useful for YOU, as well, to get inventive and imaginative. I like to shoot ‘recordings on the flee’ and voyaging. It gives your local area and customers an alternate point of view. I look at changed organizations (from frozen yogurt shops to places of interest) and shoot a quick video on what I think works or doesn’t work from my involvement in them. It’s fun – attempt it!


This can be fun, as well – have one of your colleagues bounce in and compose an article dependent on their subject matter. It makes it intriguing for the peruser also. I generally write from a business instructing/talking viewpoint – wouldn’t you jump at the chance to understand what one of my colleagues needs to say in regards to innovation, web-based media, online business, the executives, and so on? I realized I would!

Get innovative this mid-year – stay associated – and offer everybody a reprieve by coming according to an alternate point of view. However, do keep the entryways open and keep business pushing ahead – if not, September will be tough for you! What’s more, we don’t need that to occur…


Pat Mussieux is a creator, TV character, globally acclaimed speaker, and business mentor.

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