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Rejection Is a Myth

If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. However, you won’t ask in light of the fact that you fear dismissal. I’m here to let you know that dismissal is a fantasy. It’s a dream, and it’s passionate. You feel dismissed when you didn’t get the date, picked for the b-ball group, missed out on the advancement, or didn’t make the deal.

You didn’t get the part in the play, get in the school you needed to get into, or that beautiful individual over there said no. I will repeat it dismissal is a fantasy. It doesn’t exist. It’s an idea that you hold in your mind.

Consider it. If you were to ask me to supper and I say no… what did you genuinely lose? Before you asked me, I wasn’t eating with you, and after you asked m, I am as yet not eating with you. What did you lose? Nothing! Your circumstance didn’t deteriorate, did it? Whether or not you asked, you actually aren’t eating with me. Get it?

The circumstance just deteriorates by the manner in which you react to my reply. Adding negative musings, sentiments, and words to your apparent dismissals aggravates it. In case you are a realtor, and you request the posting and the appropriate response is no. Did you have the posting in any case? No! You are as yet similarly situated. You don’t have the posting. Nothing has changed. It’s dependent upon you to go request more postings. Scowling in your office won’t get you more business.

Renowned Rejections

There are consistent tales about individuals who overcame dismissals:

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Jack Canfield went through two years and 140 dismissals attempting to get Chicken Soup for the Soul distributed.

Michael Jordan didn’t make his secondary school b-ball group.

Steven Spielberg was dismissed twice by USC Film school.

Hurray dismissed the originators of Google when they needed to consolidate.

JK Rowlings, a writer of the Harry Potter Books, was dismissed 12 Times.

These individuals dismissed dismissal.


You are a business person. You will confront no’s regular. The key is to continue to push forward. Recall the mantra SWSWSWSW, which means “some will, some will not, really what, and somebody is pausing.” Your customers are out there holding back to purchase structure you. Your genius bunch needs to interface with you. Individuals need to help you. Be steady regularly in tracking down those individuals.


Become accustomed to the word no and become acclimated to say, “Next.” There will be a ton of dismissal in transit in business. The mystery isn’t to surrender and continue to inquire. I convey messages, compose my web journals, do my talks, and market regularly. Here and their individual’s purchase and some of the time they don’t. My post gets shared, and some of the time, they don’t. However, I continue onward. On the off chance that I don’t remain to persevere, some other business visionary will get my customers.

Continue and persist until the end. It may take 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 calls to get the need you need. There is an account of a 90 lady calling to get individuals to an occasion. She had 81 straight dismissals, yet after the 81st call, the last nine individuals joined.

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In case you are focused on being in the top 20% of your industry, you really want to figure out how to dismiss dismissal. Dismissal is a fantasy, actually like purple unicorns and wizardry buttons. Recall nothing changes if the individual tells you no. You are similarly situated as in the past. The thing that matters is your reaction and how you push ahead.

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